To create a new employee, check out Add an Employee.
If an employee needs to edit/change their Flowhub PIN, they need to change it under their own account. To see how to change a PIN, have the employee follow the steps listed here: Change My PIN.

How to Edit an Employee

  1. Select the "Employees" tab in Flowhub.

  2. Find and select the employee you need to edit.

  3. Once selected, the details pane to the right will show the options to "Edit" or "Force Clock/Log Out."

  4. Choose "Edit" to edit the employee's profile, and you will see their profile details.

  5. Select "Update Employee" to save your changes.

Employee Update Screen


  • "Username/Badge ID" and "Email" need to be unique across Flowhub.

  • All entered employee details such as date of birth, start date, gender, etc., can be edited at any time.

  • Employee permissions are what define your employee's access in Flowhub. Learn more: Manage Employee Permissions.

  • It is not recommended to change an employee's "Username/Badge ID" without their knowledge, as it will restrict their ability to log in.

  • Employee documents can be added and removed within the "Edit Employees" window, but they will be viewed within the "Details" pane above the "Edit" and "Remove" options.

  • Active/Inactive Employee Status - If an employee’s status is set to "Inactive," they will remain in the system but cannot log in or access the point of sale application. For more information: Active vs. Inactive Employees.

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