Reports in Dashboards allow you to create and schedule custom reports within Flowhub. Once a report is created under Reports in Dashboards, you'll have the ability to schedule an email or FTP delivery of the report.

How to Schedule a Report

  1. Sign into Flowhub through (this link will open in a new window) through Google Chrome.

  2. Select "Dashboards" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  3. Here you will need to choose "Reports" from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the main window.

  4. This will direct you to the "Reports" area. Any existing reports will be listed here.

  5. Find and select the report you wish to schedule.

  6. Select "Schedule Report" under the "Details" pane to the right. This will open the "Schedule Report" window.

    • Schedule Report Window

  7. For "Frequency," you will decide how frequently this report is delivered. The drop-down options are Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. These delivery options are explained in detail below if you want to know more about the frequency options.

  8. Next, you'll select how these reports are delivered in the "Deliver Via" drop-down. This option will default to Email.

    • For FTP, you will need to have an FTP site created. Once created, please get in touch with Flowhub Product Support at or start a chat within Cashier or Manage to reach out to our support team.

  9. For Email, you'll need to enter at least one email address. Enter an email address, then select "Add."

  10. Continue to add any additional emails. Once done, select "Save."

  11. Your report is now scheduled.

How to Unschedule a Report

If you need to "Unschedule" the report, choose "Unschedule Report," and when asked, "Are you sure you want to unschedule this report?" select "Save."

Schedule Frequency

  • Hourly means that the report will run every hour for each day and include data for the previous hour. For example, a report received at 11:01 am will consist of data from 10-11 am.

  • Daily means that the report will run each morning and includes data for the previous day. For example, a report received on Tuesday will contain the data for Monday.

  • Weekly means that the report will run each Monday morning and include data for the prior week Monday-Sunday.

  • Monthly means that the report runs on the 1st day of the month and will include data for the previous month.

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