Price Profiles allow you to create a set price for each possible weight of bulk or prepackaged flower. You only need to make one price profile per tier if you sell multiple stains for the same price tiers. You can then assign that one price profile to the inventory to create a "Top Shelf" price profile that will apply to 5 strains, rather than making five separate price profiles.

You will apply these profiles when adding bulk or prepackaged flower into your inventory. See these articles for more information about adding to your inventory:

How to Create a Price Profile

For a quick tutorial on how to create a Price Profile, watch this video:

  1. Click on the arrow next to your name in the lower-left corner of the window.

  2. This will open new menu options. Choose "Manage" then "Location Management."

  3. At the top of this new page, "Price Profiles" from the "Manage:" drop-down menu.

  4. On the "Price Profiles" page, click the "+" symbol to add a new price profile.

    • User-added image

  5. Give your new profile a name (Med Top Shelf, Rec Special, etc.).

  6. Choose whether this will apply to Medical or Recreational inventory. Note: If you only have one license type, this will be selected for you.

  7. Add a description if needed/wanted.

  8. Fill in all levels (Grams, Half-Eighths, Eighths, Quarters, Half-Ounces, Ounces)

    • You can fill in the "$ per gram" or the "Pre Tax" total.

    • Once you fill in one of the prices, Flowhub will calculate the other price for that tier.

    • You will also see the "Post Tax price" calculated for any current tax rates.

  9. For Medical Profiles, you will have columns for Price and Med Primary Price. "Med Primary" patients are medical patients that can assign their plants to a dispensary. Not all states follow this model, but Flowhub allows for the option. Allowing this "second" medical price profile will allow you to give "Med Primary" patients/users a better price range. Note: The use of this second price profile is not required.

Additional Price-Profile Settings

  • Mix and Match will combine the weights of strains within the same profile to calculate the cost. For example, if I purchase two eighths within the same tier, they will ring up at the quarter price for that profile. Mix and Match will not work for strains, not in the same tier.

  • Disable Stacking makes it so weights will not be combined when purchasing multiple eighths, quarters, etc. Disable Stacking is specific to pre-packed flower. For example, if I purchase two eighths, each will be charged at the eighth price, rather than combining and charging the quarter price.

  • Step Pricing gives you the ability to weigh a little heavy while still maintaining tiered pricing. By setting a weight threshold, you will weigh heavy up to this amount before auto-switching to a dollars per gram price structure.

If you sell flower at a set price out the door (after-tax prices), sell bulk flower from jars, or need help understanding Flowhub's Price Profiles, you can adjust your prices inside the profile to get your Post Tax numbers as close to even dollar amounts as possible.

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