An Inventory Activity report is a great resource to see how your inventory is managed through Flowhub. When creating a report, please keep in mind that a custom report will only be available under the Flowhub profile that created the report.

  1. Select "Reports" from the left-hand navigation.

  2. Select the "+" in the top right to add a new custom report.

  3. Enter a name and a description of the report you are creating.

  4. For this report, one example would be:

    • Name: Inventory Activity

    • Description: This report shows inventory activity filtered by date and operation.

  5. Select the "Report Type" dropdown, and choose "Inventory Activity Report." This will update the fields and filters list.

  6. Select the following Fields:

    • Operation

    • Employee Name

    • Category

    • Package ID

    • SKU

    • Weight Unit

    • Strain Name

    • Joint Weight

    • Weight

    • Calculated Weight

    • Product Name

    • Discrepancy Note

    • Discrepancy Amount

    • Current Quantity

  7. Then select the following filters:

    • Date Range - This filter will allow you to select a date range.

    • Operation - This filter will allow you to pull back specific types of inventory activity, which include:

      • Approved Discrepancy will show all the inventory items that were recently updated. The current quantity will include the approved discrepancy.

      • Audit will show when the inventory was audited.

      • Rejected Discrepancy will show whenever a discrepancy is not approved.

      • Submitted Discrepancy will show all the inventory items audited with the variance. The current quantity will not include the discrepancy.

      • Accepted Transfer will show when an inventory item has been successfully transferred to another location.

      • Bulk Flower Packed Up will show whenever bulk flower is packed down into pre-packaged flower.

      • Edit will show whenever there has been a change to the inventory that is not a discrepancy. For example, if an inventory item's price is updated, this report will show edit as the operation.

      • Shipped will show whenever a transfer has been sent for the inventory.

      • Remove will show whenever the inventory item is removed from the system.

      • Move will show whenever Inventory has been moved between one room and another.

      • Add will show whenever inventory added to Flowhub.

  8. Save the report.

  9. The report will now be listed in your available reports.

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