For each of your locations, you have the option to store inventory in different rooms within that location (i.e., Back Room, Floor, Refrigerator, Vault, etc.). Rooms categorize inventory as either "for sale" or "not for sale," ensuring that only inventory in rooms designated for sale can be added to customer carts.

How to Create a Room

For a quick tutorial on how to set up rooms, watch this video:

  1. Sign in at through Google Chrome.

  2. Sign into Flowhub, then select the small up arrow ^ next to your name in the lower left-hand navigation menu:

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  3. This will open more menu options. Select "Manage," then select "Location Management."

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  4. After selecting "Location Management" within Flowhub, you will be directed to the rooms page. This is the first option in "Location Management."

    • If you do not see the rooms option in the "Manage" dropdown menu, please check if you have the "Manage Rooms" permission.

  5. In the top navigation bar, select the "+" button. This will bring up a window to begin building a room.


    • Add New Room Modal
  6. Enter the "Name," or the name of the room.

  7. Enter the "Description," or information about the location or contents of the room.

  8. Select whether "For Sale" or "Not For Sale." Is this a room budtenders can pull from? If the room does not contain sellable content, select the "Not For Sale" selection. If the room includes sellable product, select "For Sale."

  9. Select "Save."

Note: You can view all of the available inventory in a room (by category) by selecting the room and viewing the "Details" tab in the right navigation sidebar.

Edit a Room

  1. Access "Rooms" through Location Management.

  2. Select the room you want to edit.

  3. Once a room is selected, you will see information for that room in the details pane to the right.

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  4. You will also see the "Edit" and "Remove" options.

    • Edit - This allows you to change the room's description and whether or not the room will be "For Sale" or "Not for Sale." The Name cannot be changed once created.

    • Remove: This will allow you to remove the room. You will not be able to remove the room if there is inventory associated. You will need to move all inventory to another room if you need to remove a room.

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