If you have questions about enabling the Order Ahead functionality, please contact your CSM.

Access Order Ahead

When an order is submitted through Jane, SEED, or Dutchie, the order will come into Flowhub Cashier's Order Ahead tab of the Cashier menu:

Order Ahead Empy View
  • New Orders - All incoming orders that have not yet been picked up.

  • In Progress - All orders that employees are currently filling.

  • Ready - All orders that have been fulfilled, and the customer has been notified.

Accept an Order

  1. Select a customer from the "New Orders" column by clicking their name.

  2. You'll now see the customer information (phone, email, and any notes for the order along with the order details:

    • In Progress Order for Order Ahead Dutchie branding
  3. The status will show as "New Order."

  4. This will switch to "In Progress" once the employee begins adding products to the cart.

Building the Cart

  1. The product list will show all products the customer wishes to purchase:

    • Dutchie Order Ahead - Keef Cola showing in Product list

  2. Locate the item in-store. Once the item is located, you can scan the barcode or click the + button next to the item.

    • If a customer orders an item that has multiple packages in Flowhub, you will be prompted to select the specific item you're adding to the order.

  3. As items are added, the "Cannabis Counter" will update to reflect the customer's limit (if applicable).

  4. Once all items have been added to the cart, the "Notify Customer That Order is Ready" button will become available:

    • Notifcy customer is ready button available in order ahead

  5. Click this button to notify the customer that the order is available and move the order into a "Ready for Pick-Up status."

  6. Click "Back to Status Board" in the upper left-hand corner to return to the main Order Ahead page.

  7. You'll see the order is now in the "Ready" column and will be available to be finished when the customer arrives.

Finishing the Order

  1. The customer will check into Flowhub as they would normally.

  2. Locate the customer's name in the "Ready" column. Choose "Check Out."

  3. This will open a customer modal where you can select the customer's profile:

    • Window to link Dutchie order to Flowhub account
  4. Choose "Open Cart." This will link the Order Ahead order to the customer's Flowhub profile and bring you into the customer's cart:

    • Final cart view before sale is finished
  5. Taxes will now be applied to the total.

  6. Add any additional products the customer would like.

  7. If adding additional items:

    • You will get the message, "Before modifying this sale, are you sure you have the correct order? Adding more items to the sale will link this customer's profile to all future orders from this (integration partner)'s account"

    • Choose "Yes, add more items to cart" to continue or cancel to undo the add.

  8. Add any discounts that the customer qualifies for by adding an inline discount.

  9. You can now finish the sale as you would in Flowhub Cashier.

  10. After entering the cash/tender, you'll get the confirmation that the customer was linked to their partner's profile, along with the option to reprint any labels or receipts.

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