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Check Internet Connectivity
Check Internet Connectivity

This article will allow you to troubleshoot internet issues not related to Flowhub, such as lag in connection, white screens, or outages.

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To troubleshoot your internet connectivity, start with a speed test. This will test your internet download and upload speed. If these speeds are low, you may see issues with any webpage or application that uses the internet, including Flowhub.

How to Run a Speed Test

There are several internet speed tests you can try. Google has a speed test that we have included the steps for:

  1. Go to Google and search “Internet Speed Test."

  2. To initiate the test, select the “Run Speed Test” option at the bottom of the explanation.

  3. You will then see what your download and upload speeds currently are.

  4. Here's an example read-out:

  • Whether using Google's speed test or not, your Mbps (megabits per second) download speed should be higher than 10Mbps.

  • The minimum requirements for your internet connection are:

    • 25Mbps for 1 - 2 terminals

    • 75Mbps for 3 - 5 terminals

    • 100Mbps for six or more terminals

  • Keep in mind that if you are running multiple terminals or have multiple computers on the same internet connection, you will notice that anything near or around 10Mbps will mean your terminals will run slow.

  • Anything lower than 10Mbps may receive a white screen, lag in typing, and other performance issues.

If your internet speeds are not meeting the minimum requirement, contact your ISP (internet service provider) to discuss possible issues with your connectivity.

What to do if Flowhub Shows a White Screen

If you have made sure that your internet connection is operating at the optimal speed for Flowhub, but you still receive a white screen when opening Cashier, try refreshing the application.

Refresh Flowhub on a Mac:

If you hover your mouse over the top left corner, you will notice a list of options and functions. Select the “Cashier” option. A drop-down menu will allow you to “Refresh” the application.

Refresh Flowhub on a PC:

Select the “Alt” key on your keyboard in the cashier application. Then select “File,” and there is a drop-down option to “Refresh” the application.

How to Search For Outages in Your Area

If you cannot connect to Flowhub or any other internet pages, check for service outages in your area. A quick way to check for outages is to find the name of your internet service provider. Then go to and search for the companies name followed by “outages.” For example, CenturyLink Outages

Alternatively, call your internet service provider or log on to their customer portal (if applicable). If there are widespread outages, they usually have a message alerting you of timelines. If no message exists, follow the prompts to talk to a representative and report an outage. There may be something wrong with your connection or hardware.

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