Gift Cards allow customers to purchase an amount of credit for your store and give it to someone else. Flowhub Gift Cards are easy to create and can be done through a vendor, or you can create custom cards/values yourself.

Sell a Gift Card

  1. Select a customer from the customer queue.

  2. Once a customer has been selected, select "Sell Gift Card" (listed above the rest of your inventory).

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  3. Enter a "Gift Card ID" number and the "Gift Card Amount." Note: The Gift Card ID is the unique identifier assigned to the card. This is typically scannable but can also be entered manually.

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  4. Choose "Add to Cart," and the gift card will show in the customer's cart just like any other product for sale.

  5. Finish the sale as you normally would.

Inspect & Redeem Gift Card

  1. Ring up the customer's purchases as you would with any other sale.

  2. When ready to complete the sale, you will have an option: "Scan Gift Card or Enter ID."

  3. Enter in the "Gift Card ID." Choose "Inspect" when it is available.

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  4. The available balance will list, and you can choose to redeem all or some of the gift card amount.

  5. If the card does not cover the balance, any remaining balance will be need to rung up as Cash, Debit, or Loyalty (if available).

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