If a customer needs to return a purchase to your store, use the following steps to process a refund in Flowhub Cashier.

How to Process a Refund

  1. In Cashier, select the customer (who needs the refund) from the queue.

  2. Once selected, choose "Refund Purchase."

  3. This will open a screen where you can scan the user's receipt:

    • User-added image

  4. Once scanned/entered, choose "Find Purchase Details," which will pull up the details for the sale:

    • Refund Options
  5. To refund an item, click the corresponding "Refund" button. This will add the refund to the customer's "Cart" so that they can be given a refund:

    • Refund After Making Refund Selection

  6. You can also choose the "Return to Inventory" option in the cart for the item. This will adjust the item's quantity in your inventory. If wasting the item, then you would not want to select this option.

  7. You can refund all items or just one. Once done, choose "Open Drawer."

  8. Just like when making a transaction, you will need to choose a drawer if assigned to multiple drawers and enter your pin:

    • Refund Page - Final Transaction Screen

  9. Select "Open Drawer" to open the cash drawer and print the refund receipt.

Note: At this time, it is only possible to do a refund in a separate transaction from purchases. If the customer needs to make a purchase, you will want to check them in and ring up a new transaction/sale.

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