At the start of each day, or when a new employee starts a shift, a budtender or manager will open a drawer for the day.

How to Open a Drawer

For a quick tutorial on how to open a drawer, watch this video:

  1. Once signed into Cashier, select "Drawers" from the top navigation menu bar.

  2. Find the drawer you’d like to open and click the corresponding "Count & Open" button.

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  3. Enter the totals of each coin and dollar denomination.

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  4. You will see the total starting balance displayed under the denomination fields.

  5. Add any notes, if applicable.

  6. Click "Open Drawer."

Note: As a best practice, have a manager review and assign all employees to appropriate drawers at the beginning of each day.

How to Close a Drawer

For a quick tutorial on how to close a drawer, watch this video:

  1. Select the drawer you intend to close from the main screen.

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  2. On the right side, under details, select "Close Drawer."

  3. Manually count your final cash totals and enter each coin and dollar denomination of your ending balance. Make sure you count down to 0.

  4. Enter your PIN.

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  5. Add any relevant notes and choose "Close Drawer."

Drawer Best Practices

At the end of each day or shift, a budtender or manager needs to confirm cash and debit totals are correct and close the drawers.

  • It's best practice to count all drawers down to zero at the end of the night. You do not need to use the drop or payout button when closing drawers.

  • If your standard operating procedure is to leave the open value in the drawer, you can then count and re-add it to the drawer either that night or in the morning.

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