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Cashier: Make a Cash Drop on a Drawer
Cashier: Make a Cash Drop on a Drawer
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A cash drop is when a cash drawer/till is counted, and a portion of the cash is removed from the drawer to be deposited elsewhere. A drop is different from a payout, as a drop does not impact revenue.

How to Make a Cash Drop

For a quick tutorial on how to make a cash drop, watch this video:

  1. Select "Cashier" from the top navigation bar.

  2. Select the open drawer you are making a drop on.

  3. Under the drawer description, select "Make Drop."

  4. Enter the amount physically taken from the drawer, a reason for the drop, and your PIN, then select "Save."

  5. You will get a confirmation screen. Select "Go Back" to make changes or "Finish Drop" to continue.

    • You can see the drop you made under the associated "Activity" section if you have the correct permissions.

How to Make a Reverse Drop

If you accidentally enter the wrong amount for your drop, the drop can be undone by doing the following:

  1. Under the drawer description, select "Make Drop."

  2. Enter the same drop amount you entered above, but this time with a negative/minus sign (-) in front of the value.

  3. Select "Save."

  4. The amount of funds will be available in the drawer, and you can re-do the drop for the actual amount.

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