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Cashier: Guest Mode/Anonymous Checkout
Cashier: Guest Mode/Anonymous Checkout
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Depending on local laws and regulations, dispensaries may be required to allow customers to make their cannabis purchases anonymously. The Guest/Anonymous Checkout feature will enable you to make cannabis sales to customers without gathering any identifying information.

Guest Checkout

For a quick tutorial on how to perform an anonymized sale in Cashier point of sale, watch this video:

  1. When your location has the anonymous checkout feature enabled, your view of Cashier will have a "Guest Mode" button in the upper left corner like this:

    • Guest Checkout Option

  2. On the left side of the screen, you will see the "Guest Mode" button above the Customer Queue.

    • Guest Checkout Main Screen

  3. Select the "Guest Mode/Anonymous Checkout" button above the Customer Queue.

  4. Once you select "Guest Mode/Anonymous Checkout," you will be taken into a "Guest Checkout" cart:

    • Guest Checkout in Cart

      An anonymous/guest customer will have a simple cart view. There won’t be any notes or identifying information for the customer shown.

Making a Sale

Now that you have the "Guest/Anonymous Customer" selected, you can continue ringing up the customer as you would a non-anonymous customer.

Returning to the Customer Queue

If your guest/anonymous customer decides to leave without making a purchase, you can close the cart and return to the queue by choosing the "New Sale" button in the upper right corner of the cart.

No Guest Checkout?

This feature is not available for locations that are Medical Only.
If this feature is not currently available to you, please reach out to your Flowhub Administrator to see if this can be made available for your location.

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