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Cashier: Create an Upcoming Event/Date Special
Cashier: Create an Upcoming Event/Date Special

This article explains how to create an upcoming event special.

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To access "Manage Specials," sign in at As you add specials, this page will list them and allow you to view the details for each one.

An empty specials page.

Create a New Upcoming Event/Date Special

  1. Click the oval "+ New Special" button.

  2. This will launch the screen:

    • Create new special window

  3. Enter your special name and choose the last option: "Upcoming Date or Event" special. For our example, we will be making an "Expiring Products" deal that affects all products expiring within three days.

  4. Select "Create Special."

The next page has several sections to fill out. These sections dictate how the special will be applied, who it will apply to, etc.

Event Details

This is how you specify the type of event. Currently, the expiration date is the only available option. You can choose to have this go into effect the day of the event or up to several days before.

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Eligible Customer

Select which customers are eligible for the discount under the "Eligible Customer" section.

  • Specials default to "Everyone" as the eligible customer type.

  • You can choose to have the discount apply to "Everyone," "Rec Only," "Med Only [Not Primary]," "Primary Only," or both "Med or Primary" customers.

  • You can also specify specials by "Customer Groups" you have created in Flowhub.

Eligible customer settings

Order Type

Some locations allow for online ordering, as well as pick-up orders. Depending on your options, you can choose what type of orders will get the special. Simply uncheck any order types you do not want the special to apply to.

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Participating Locations

Select which participating locations will have this special available in this section.

  • Check and uncheck any locations depending on the type of special you are creating.

  • You can also decide to only have a specific location by unchecking all except the location you have in mind.

Participating location settings

Discount Received

Select the type of discount by choosing the dollar amount discount "$ Off," or the percentage discount "% off," then enter the amount for "Discount Received."

  • If choosing "% Off," make sure to select a percentage between 1-99.

Note: Due to local compliance laws and regulations, we do not allow for a 100% off discount for any products within Flowhub. Any item discounted by 100% will display at $0.01 in the cart.

Discount received settings

Additional Settings

Here you can choose how this special will be applied to the customer's cart.

  • By default, the "No, Special Auto-Applies" will be selected.

  • If you’d like to choose a redemption code, you can select "Yes." This will allow you to enter a code.

  • "Should this be the only deal the customer receives?" This setting allows you to decide if this special will apply with other specials.

Note: The upcoming event/date special type does not have a "Min Subtotal" option by design as the goal is to sell expiring products that will otherwise be wasted.

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Example Special:

For our example special, we want the following to apply:

  • Available three days before the expiration date.

  • Good for 50% off qualifying items

  • Redeemable up to 99 times in the transaction. Note that this will not affect the purchase limits for your region.

  • Applies with other active specials.

To do this, we’ll do the following:

  • In "Event Details," we selected "Expiration Date."

  • Under "Eligible Customers," we have selected "Everyone."

  • For "Participating Locations," we have chosen "All Locations (Current and Future)."

  • Under "Discount Received," we chose "% Off" and entered 50 under % off.

  • For "Additional Settings," we selected "No" so that it will auto-apply and left the checkbox under "should this be the only deal the customer receives?" unchecked to allow this special to stack with other specials.

  • Confirm your options by checking the special's cart details:

50% off Expiring settings card

Choose "Save & Make Active" from the three available options. Your special will now be available in your specials list and active for customers.

  • "Save as Inactive" will save the special, but it won't be available for customers.

  • "Cancel" will cancel all changes, and you’ll be returned to the main page.

Here is what this special will look like when applied to a transaction

50% off Expiring special applied in a cart.
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