Cashier: Create a Cart Discount Special

This article explains how to create a cart discount special in Flowhub's Cashier.

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Cart Discount Specials

To access "Manage Specials," sign in at As you add specials, the page will list the specials and allow you to view the details for each special.

View of specials page with no added specials

How to Create a New Cart Discount Special

  1. Click the oval "+ New Special" button.

  2. This will launch the screen where you can enter the name and choose the special:

    • Create new specials window
  3. For our example, we will create a "15% Veterans" special that applies to all customers in the "Veterans" customer group. Enter the name of your special and select "Cart Discount."

  4. Select "Create Special."

Cart Discount Special Options

Eligible Customer

In this section, you will select which customers are eligible for the discount.

  • Specials default to "Everyone" as the eligible customer type.

  • You can choose to have the discount apply to "Everyone", "Rec Only", "Med Only [Not Primary]", "Primary Only", or both "Med or Primary" customers.

  • You can also set the special to apply to custom customer groups created in Flowhub.

Screenshot of eligible customer settings when creating a cart special

Order Type

  • This will allow you to set specials for in-store or pickup orders if your location takes order ahead orders.

Order type options.

Participating Locations

Next, you will select which "participating locations" can apply this special.

  • Check or uncheck any eligible or ineligible locations for this special.

  • Locations, depending on the type of special you are creating.

  • You can choose to have this special apply to any future locations by leaving "All locations (current and future)" checked.

Participating location check boxes

Discount Received

Here you will select the type of discount by choosing the dollar amount discount "$ Off" or the percentage discount "% off," then enter the amount for "Discount Received." For the percentage off, choose a percentage between 1-100.

  • Note: We do not allow for a 100% discount for any products due to local compliance laws and regulations. Any item discounted by 100% will show a price of $0.01.

User-added image


You can specify dates and times the special will be active. Leave this section as-is if you want the special to always be active.

  • Edit the "Start Date" and the "End Date" to make a special available only for that time.

  • Specify a day or days of the week for the special to occur.

  • If you un-check the "Ongoing Special" box, the current date will populate in the "End Date." Adjust the "End Date" to the date you would like, or leave it on today's date if you only want the special active for the day.

Screenshot of timeframe settings.

Additional Settings

​​Here you can choose how this special will be applied.

  • By default, the "No, Special Auto-Applies" will be selected.

  • If you’d like to choose a redemption code, you can select "Yes." This will allow you to enter a custom case-sensitive code to apply in the cart.

  • Min Subtotal can be used to set a minimum pre-tax subtotal that the customer would need to spend before becoming eligible for the special.

  • Combines with other specials checkbox determines if this special can be combined with other specials. If the box is checked, the customer will be eligible only for this special and no others.

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Example Special:

For our example special, we want the following to apply:

  • Be available for customers in the veteran's customer group at all of our locations.

  • Give the customer 15% off of the subtotal of the cart.

To do this, we'll do the following:

  • Select Veterans from the customer group dropdown.

  • For "Participating Locations," we have chosen "All Locations (current and future).

  • Under discount Received, select "%off" and enter 15.

  • Keep all days checked under Timeframe.

  • Confirm your options by checking the special's cart details:

Specials settings for vertrans 15% off discount.

Choose "Save & Make Active" from the three available options. Your special will now be available on your specials list and active for customers.

  • "Save as Inactive" will save the special, but it won't be available for customers.

  • "Cancel" will cancel all changes, and you’ll be returned to the main page.

Here is what this special will look like when applied to a transaction

15% off Veterans cart special in a cart
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