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Cashier: Check-in a Customer
Cashier: Check-in a Customer

This article will guide users through checking in a current customer into Flowhub Cashier.

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Current customers can be pulled into the queue without creating a new profile.

How to Check-in, a Current Customer

  1. Select "Cashier" once signed into the Flowhub Cashier application.

  2. The customer queue is to the left with your store inventory to the right:

    • Cashier - First Window View
  3. To check in a current customer, use the "Find By Name" search field in the upper left corner:

    • Search box

  4. As you type, customer names will populate in the search results:

    • Customer Search results
  5. Find the user you are looking for, and select "Check-In."

  6. The customer can now be selected for making a sale.

  7. If you checked in the wrong customer, you can choose 'Remove," which will open a new window and select the customer to be removed.

Now that the customer is checked in, you can begin a transaction.

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