Before you're able to check a customer into Cashier, you will need to be assigned to a drawer.

How to Add New Customer

  1. Select "Cashier" once signed into the Flowhub Cashier application.

  2. The customer queue is to the left, with your store inventory to the right.

    • Add New Customer Introduction to Main Page

  3. Choose "New Profile" to be directed to the add customer page.

  4. Depending on your store, you may be prompted to select a customer type.

    • Recreational Customers will need to have their name, date of birth, and the state they are from entered to create their profile.

    • Medical Patients will need to have their name, date of birth, medical license number, the expiration date of their license, and any other state-required details entered to create a profile.

    • Note: Local laws may not allow you to save customers' information without their permission. In Oregon, any profiles entered without the "Permission to Retain" data will not have their profile saved.

  5. Once all relevant information has been entered, scroll to the top and choose "Save & Check-In."

  6. The customer will now be added to the queue.

  7. A budtender can now select the checked-in customer to make a sale.

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