For a budtender to be assigned to a drawer, they either need to have the employee permission "Manage Drawers," or they will need to be assigned to the drawer by a supervisor with that permission.

Add an Employee to a Drawer

For a quick tutorial on how to add an employee to a drawer in Cashier point of sale, watch this video:

  1. Select "Drawers" from the top navigation menu.

  2. Find the drawer you want to assign the employee to, select the + button icon.

  3. The drop-down will show employees available to assign to that drawer for the day or shift.

  4. Click the employee to be assigned to the drawer.

  5. Repeat these steps to add additional cashiers to one drawer.‚Äč

Unable to Assign an Employee?

If you cannot add an employee to a drawer, make sure that the employee has verified their user account and set a PIN. Once they set their PIN, you may need to relaunch the Cashier application to assign the employee.

If you continue to encounter an error when attempting to assign an employee and have reset the employee's pin, please reach out to the Product Support team at 844-FLOWHUB opt. 1.

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