You can add a customer to a Flowhub Loyalty Program at any time as long as a loyalty program has already been set up.

Add New Customers to a Loyalty Program

For a quick tutorial on how to add customers to a loyalty program, watch this video:

  1. Select "New Profile" at the bottom of the left-hand navigation pane. If given the option, choose the profile type "Rec Customer" or "Med Customer."

  2. While creating their profile, in addition to entering all required information, select the "Signup for Loyalty Membership" checkbox.

  3. You'll be prompted to enter a phone number.

  4. You can now "Save" and check in the customer.

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Add Returning Customers to a Loyalty Program

  1. Check the customer into the queue, and select them into your cart.

  2. Once selected, you can see if they are a loyalty member and have any accrued points at the top of the Cashier screen.

  3. If they are not a member, you'll see the option "Loyalty Sign Up."

  4. Selecting this option will allow you to enter their phone number and associate them to any customer sources or groups.

  5. Select "Sign Up" once ready, and they are now associated with the loyalty program in Flowhub.

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