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Add Inventory: Prepackaged Items from Bulk Flower
Add Inventory: Prepackaged Items from Bulk Flower

This article will guide users through creating prepackaged items like grams, eighths, quarters, etc. from bulk flower in Flowhub inventory.

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How to Pack Down Bud

  1. Locate the bulk flower you want to pack down. In Inventory, you can locate your bulk bud by using the drop-down menu to select “Bulk Bud” and then typing in the strain name in the search bar.

  2. Once found, select "Pack Bulk Flower." This will highlight the item in green and show more options in the details pane on the right side. Scroll to the bottom and select the “Pack Bulk Flower” option.

    • Bulk Flower Menu Selected

  3. This will populate a window that will allow you to break down the bulk bud into specific categories. Begin by filling out each section listed below:

    • Pack Bulk Flower Down Modal

  • Price Profile: Attach a price profile. These must already be built in “Location Management."

  • Child-Proof: Some states require a child-proof container before leaving the facility. This setting will allow you to label an item as childproof or not.

  • Quantity: This section will be the physical number of pre-packed items you will be creating.

  • Move Qty to Room: Specifies which room these pre-packs will be located in.

  • Weight Category: This is a drop-down menu that will populate with different weight groups (eighths, quarters, half-ounce, ounce, joints). This will tell the system that we take the bulk flower grams and "pack" them into the weight category. You will see the bold green number at the bottom change to reflect the number of grams you are packing out and how many are left. If you select "Joints," you will have a different option.

  • Joints and Non-Standard Weights: When you select the joint or non-standard weight options, the areas for “weight” and “price” populate. This allows you to pack down specific weights for your joints. This also allows the user to create customizable pre-packs. Create heavy eighths or quarters in this section with particular weights that you choose.

Price Profile View

  • You can set a specific price for this product instead of attaching a pricing profile.

  • For custom weight items, it is suggested to change/edit the product “type” once created, so it is not labeled "Joints."

  • Cost/Unit: This section will be the cost you purchased the product per gram. This area does not reflect the entire cost.

  • Add Another: You can pack multiple “Weight Categories” with this option and separate them. This is helpful if you are packing out all bulk bud into multiple weight categories.

Things to Remember When Packing out Bulk Bud

  • Package ID: When packing bud, it is essential to know that the package ID will reflect the originating package. If you have separated this package in Metrc with a new tag, you will need to update the inventory you created in Flowhub with the correct package ID.

  • Type: If you are packing out joints (or using the joint weight category for a customizable package), it is important to note that these will display as "Joints" when created. However, you can edit the new inventory and update the “type” section to reflect the product. For example, if you create a 5-pack of joints, you can change the type to "Five Pack."

  • UOM/Unit Of Measure: Pre-packed items can be assigned a unit-based measure of “each” or a weight-based measure of “gram." When editing a pre-pack amount, there is an option at the bottom of the window that states “UOM.” This will allow you to change how the system pulls this product. If in a Metrc state, you will want to verify your UOM is set correctly, as this can cause issues reporting to Metrc.

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