Flowhub is set up to track all activity that is related to each employee. This creates complete transparency for the MED. For this reason, it is important that each employee logs out of the app each time they leave a terminal to avoid accidentally tracking their activity under another employee's name and PIN.

Note: you can logout without clocking out by clicking your username in the bottom left corner

Flowhub permissions allow you to customize the way you run your business. This streamlines the menu options people see when navigating Flowhub (making their day more efficient).

If you take time to set up proper permissions, they can act as an extension of your management. If a manager or budtender says they cannot perform an action, it is likely because you did not set them up with that permission.

Tips on setting up specific members of your team

  • Store Owner: Set up by Flowhub, given all permissions, oversees company management

  • Manager: Set up by Store Owner | All permissions except company management

  • Budtender: Set up by a manager, can check customers out.

    • If you have one lead budtender, set them up with adjustments and inline discount permissions so they can oversee transactions for you.

  • Accountant: Set up with just generate reports permission

  • Troubleshooting: Edit permissions Setup store manager Setup budtender Setup salaried employee

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