Flowhub employees are able to track their shifts in Flowhub.

Note: Timesheets can still be used by employees in Flowhub Cashier. However, the ability to "Clock In/Clock Out" is only available through the Flowhub Classic desktop application or a Google Chrome browser.

How to Edit a Shift

  1. Select "Adjustments" from the left sidebar navigation menu.

  2. Select "Time Sheets" from the drop-down menu near the top of the main window.

  3. You can use the filters to pull back timesheet information for an employee by date.

  4. To edit a shift, select it, and choose the "Adjust" option to the right in the "Details" pane.

  5. In this window, you can edit the "Clock-In" and "Clock-Out" times:

  6. You will be required to enter a "Reason" for the adjustment, and then you can select "Confirm Adjustments."

  7. Once confirmed, you can see your adjustment in the "Details" pane as well as who the timesheet was "Adjusted By."

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