Cannabis seeds are a popular item that allows customers to grow their own cannabis plants. To add a seed to Flowhub, you first need to add the "Strain" within "Location Management."

How to Add Seeds to Inventory

  1. In Flowhub Classic, select "Inventory" from the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Select the plus sign "+" in the upper right-hand corner of the main page.

  3. This will launch the "Add New Inventory" window.

  4. Select "Seed" from the "Category" drop-down menu. This will update the available options.

    • Note: Your options may differ based on local compliance requirements. For example, METRC states will require a "Package ID," but states that don't use METRC will not require a package ID.

  5. You will need to enter all required fields designated by an asterisk (*). An explanation of these fields is listed below.

  6. Once all of the "Seed" details have been entered, you can assign the items to a room. This won't be based on the packages you have for seeds but on the number of seeds.


Let's say you have 100 packs of 6 seeds. In total, you have 600 seeds. Due to state laws, these have to be tracked by the seed.

  • If a pack of 6 seeds sells for 60 dollars, for "Price," you will enter "10" for a single seed.

  • If a pack of 6 seeds costs 20 dollars, for "Cost," you will enter "0.3."

  • At the time of sale, I will ring up the number of seeds in a pack for each sale. If a customer purchases two packs, I will enter a quantity of 12.

Single Seed vs. Pack

While cannabis seeds may come in a pack of multiple seeds, it is essential to note that seed-to-sale tracking systems require that seeds be tracked individually. Because of this requirement, Flowhub will view a seed item as a "single" seed. If you are selling a pack of seeds, you will want to add these packed seeds as separate items, with a cost/price to reflect the separation.

Seed Details

  • Package Tag: Requirement only for states using METRC. Enter the METRC tag number here. If in a state without this requirement, this area will not be required.

  • Batch #: Some states require the Batch number of the product; if asterisked, the field is required. If not, then this field is optional. The batch number is anything from the batch created by the supplier or a number generated by your company or METRC.

  • Batch Date: This section usually is the date of the product's creation; this field can mean anything from cultivation to processing date, but in this instance usually reflects the date the product was created.

  • Supplier License: This will allow you to connect the product to a specific supplier creating it in "Company Management."

  • Invoice #: This allows you to connect an invoice number to the product to help your company better track purchases and shipments made to the store.

  • Cost/Unit: How much does the product cost per "gram" or per "each" unit. Note: For seeds, this is by the "seed" and not the pack.

  • Price: The price the customer will pay (pretax). The post-tax will update to show the out-the-door price to customers.

    • Note: For seeds, this is by the "seed" and not the pack.

  • Brand: Name of the company providing the seeds. This field is specific to the product. A helpful workflow for this section is to make sure all employees are aware of the proper way to fill this section out.

  • Strain Name: You will attach the strain built in the "Strain List" in "Location Management." This area should give you a drop-down menu with strains that have been created in "Location Management."

  • Terpene: If Applicable, this section might be helpful for employees when selling out these seeds to better let the customer know what that seed will likely taste/smell like when grown.

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