Non-edibles typically refers to any solid non-edible cannabis product that is not inhaled/combusted. Before you can add the product into inventory, you must add the non-edible product to the product list in "Company Management."

Note: If in Oregon, the non-edibles category is what you will use for any of your Hemp/Full CBD products. This allows you to track hemp sales through Metrc without being taxed at the cannabis rate. This is for Oregon Only. For other states, "Non-Edible" items will be taxed as any other cannabis product.

How to Add Non-Edibles to Inventory

For a quick tutorial on how to add non-edibles into your inventory, watch this video:

  1. In Flowhub Classic, select "Inventory" from the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Select the plus sign "+" in the upper right-hand corner of the main page.

  3. This will launch the "Add New Inventory" window.

  4. Select "Non-Edibles" from the "Category" drop-down menu. This will update the available options.

    • Note: Your options may differ based on local compliance requirements. For example, Metrc states will require a "Package ID," but states that don't use Metrc will not require a package ID.

  5. You will need to enter all required fields designated by an asterisk (*).

  6. Once all of the "Non-Edible Details" have been entered, you can assign the items to a room.

    • Enter the amount of product in "Quantity," choose the "Room," and select "Add Item."

    • This will populate the item to the right, which means the items are ready to be saved.

  7. Once all items have been added to the appropriate rooms, you can select "Save & Close" to save the items and close the window or "Save and Add Another," which will save the items, and open a new window for you to add a new inventory item.

Non-Edibles Details

  • Package Tag: Requirement only for states using METRC. Enter the METRC tag number here. If in a state without this requirement, this area will not be required.

  • Batch #: Some states require the batch number of the product. If asterisked, then the field is required. If not, then this field is optional. The batch number is anything from the batch created by the supplier or a number generated by your company or METRC.

  • Batch Date: This section usually is the date of the product's creation. This field can mean anything from cultivation to processing date but, in this instance, usually reflects the date the product was created.

  • Supplier License: This will allow you to connect the product to a specific supplier created in "Company Management." Product Name: This is where the product built in the "Product List" will be connected to the product.

  • Invoice #: This allows you to connect an invoice number to the product to help your company better track purchases and shipments made to the store.

  • Reporting Unit of Measure: This section is specific to METRC reporting users. This section allows you to submit how the product pulls in a METRC CSV report, whether reported as "Each" or "Grams."

  • Cost/Unit: How much the product costs per "Gram" or "Each."

  • Price: Pretax price for the customer. The post-tax field will update with any tax rates assigned in Flowhub.

  • Expirations date: If applicable. Some states require this section. If the non-edible item is a CBD food product, this expiration date is required.

  • Serving Size: If applicable. If this product is a 'topical', this section would not be needed, but if this product is a tincture or food product, this section will be helpful.

  • Terpene: If applicable. Some edible processors use natural terpenes found in flower and other sources to produce their edibles. For those circumstances, you can enter that info here.

  • Quantity/Room: This section will allow you to separate the package into two rooms. Sometimes it is helpful to move a portion of the package to a "for sale" room and another part to a bulk/storage room.

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