Add Inventory: Joints

  1. In Flowhub Classic, select "Inventory" from the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Select the "+" button from the options at the top of the screen.

  3. Select "Flower-Prepackaged" from the category drop-down menu.

    Depending on your local/state laws, specific fields may or may not be available.

  4. Any items marked with an asterisk (*) will be required.

    METRC states will be required to enter a "Package ID" and "Batch ID."

    • The following are required by default regardless of state: "Supplier Name," "Price Profile," "Strain Name," and " Childproof?".

    • The text fields will auto-populate, and the needed value can be typed in or selected from the drop-down. For "Childproof?" you'll need to highlight which option matches the packaging.

    • If you select "Not Child-Proof," you will get prompted/reminded that the user needs an exit bag at the time of sale.

  5. You will notice that once you select the "Strain," the "Cannabinoid %" section (if available) will update, and you will be able to adjust the ranges/amounts.

    • You can create custom strain names for packs of joints to quickly identify them in Cashier. For example, "Northern Lights - 5 Pack".

  6. If your selection for a field is not available, you need to make sure it has been entered correctly in Location Management (Rooms, Strains, and Price Profiles).

    • If you do not have access to these areas, please reach out to a supervisor or your Flowhub Administrator.

  7. Once you have entered all supplier, strain, and product information on this screen, you can now assign the quantity, costs, and location details.

Entering Quantity, Room, Weight Unit, Cost/Unit, and the UOM (Unit of Measure)

  1. First, select "Joint" under "weight unit."

  2. Enter the cost of the joints in the "Cost/Unit" field.

  3. Enter the weight of the joint.

    • For packs of joints, enter the weight of all joints combined. Enter five into the joint weight box for a five-pack of 1g joints.

  4. Enter the pre-tax retail price for each joint.

    • Though you must enter a price profile for joints, the price set in this box will override price profile settings.

  5. Enter the quantity and select the desired room.

  6. For UOM, choose "Each" (if that is how your Flowhub is set up). You may also select grams if needed.

  7. Once those fields are entered, select "Add Item" to add more joints into a different room or select "save and close" to add these items to inventory.

You can now navigate back to inventory and see your added products. For a short tutorial, watch this video:

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