Inventory is the amount of a given product in one of your locations.

To add an item as inventory to Flowhub, it must be created in a specific order. It is highly recommended that you verify that all of your Strains, Suppliers, Price Profiles, Product Catalog, and Rooms have been created before adding inventory.

Below are the primary inventory categories and best practices for adding them as inventory.

All Inventory

  • Inventory is specific to one location.

  • Inventory can be added manually or uploaded via a CSV file.

  • If in a METRC reporting state, you can also import your inventory through packages.

  • You can add inventory to your account in two ways: CSV upload or manual add.

Flower Inventory Items

  • Flower items, by design, do not have an entry in the "Product" section of Flowhub.

    Products are specific to non-flower/non-seed items.

  • Flower items can be entered as "Flower - Bulk" or " Flower - Prepackaged."

  • Seeds, Clones, and Flower Inventory items need to have a "Strain" associated.

  • It is recommended that you add your supplier (and inventory information) to Flowhub before adding inventory.

Non-Flower Cannabis Items

  • All non-flower cannabis items will need to be added as a "Product" before adding to inventory.

  • Prices/Costs need to be edited at the "Product" level under "Company Management" in Flowhub.

Accessory/Non-Cannabis Items

  • The Flowhub cannabis counter does not restrict these items.

  • These items do not get pulled into any state reporting.

  • These items will not be taxed at the same rate as cannabis items.

How to Add Inventory

While each category has different requirements for adding inventory to Flowhub, the overall process is similar.

Note: Make sure the rest of your Flowhub (such as Strains, Suppliers, Price Profiles, Product Catalog, and Rooms) has been set up before adding inventory.

  1. In Flowhub, select "Inventory" from the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Select the "+" button from the options at the top of the screen.

  3. Select the category of inventory you are adding. This screen dynamically updates the fields required for the specific inventory type as you change the category. Depending on the product, you'll see that different information may be required. This can also vary by your local/state regulations.

  4. Enter all required information, marked with an asterisk (*), and save.

  5. If you encounter an error, verify the information you have entered is correct for the product and category type.

  6. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to our support team: at 1-(844) FLOWHUB

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