In Oregon, hemp products are taxed differently than in other states. Using the Non-Edible category, we can ensure your products are being taxed at the same rate as Accessories and managed compliantly through METRC.

Note: Using this guide to set up and manage your taxes, we can then process your Hemp products using the steps below to ensure they're being taxed correctly.

When your dispensary is initially set up in Flowhub, we make sure to apply the necessary measures to meet up-to-date compliance requirements for Oregon.

  1. Log into the Flowhub Classic portal.

  2. Locate and access the Company Management screen (Expand bottom-left area by employee name > Manage > Company Management), and the Products screen should appear.

  3. Add the new Hemp product using the Non-edible category, and be sure to provide the product Name, Weight in Grams, Infused Cannabinoid amount, and Price.

  4. Once your product is created, you can now Import your package from METRC or Add your Hemp product as Non-edible into your inventory.

Follow-up: After adding the Hemp product into your inventory, your Hemp sales will now be accurately recorded by Taxing them appropriately. Using the option Import Packages from METRC will help ensure your product information is consistent and syncs up properly with Sales Reporting within METRC.

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