Flowhub Classic: Add an Employee

This article will explain how to add an employee in Flowhub Classic.

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To add an employee to Flowhub, a user will need the permission "Manage Employees." If you do not have access to "Manage Employees," you will need to check with your Flowhub Administrator or a supervisor to have the employee added or get access.

How to Add an Employee

For a quick tutorial on how to add an employee, watch this video:

  • Access the "Employees" tab in Flowhub.

  • In the upper right corner, click the "+" symbol.

  • The "Add New Employee" window will launch.

  • By default, you will be required to enter: Name, Username/Badge ID, at least one Location, and a valid Email Address.

    • Different states may have additional requirements. For example, Colorado employees are required to use a Badge ID and are required to enter a "Badge Expiration Date."

  • When done, click "Add Employee," and the user will receive an email with information on setting their password and PIN.

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