In the cannabis industry, products are often categorized by strains that refer to the plant's genetics. In Flowhub, strains are added and edited through Location Management.

Strains need to be added before you can add associated inventory. In Flowhub, "Strains" are comprised of all the cannabis strains your dispensary will carry at any given time. There are two options for adding your strains: upload via CSV or add manually.

How to Upload Strains with CSV

  1. Select "Manage" and then "Location Management" from the bottom left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Select "Strains" from the "Manage:" drop-down menu.

  3. Click the "Upload CSV" button in the upper right.

  4. Click the "Get Template" button to download the file that you will use to fill in the "Strain" information.

  5. Fill in the template, and save the file as a CSV.

  6. Go back to the "Upload CSV" modal on the "Strains" page select the file in the "Choose CSV" field.

  7. Click "Upload." If there are any errors, you will be told at this time. You can then update the file and upload the corrected file.

How to Manually Add Strains

  1. Once on the "Manage: Strains" page, select the "+" button near the upper right corner of the main window.

  2. This will open the "Add New Strains" window.

    Fill in all relevant fields:

    • Name - Name of the strain.

    • Med or Rec - This allows you to specify a strain to be specific to Medical or Recreational products.

    • Species - Select whether the strain is Sativa, Indica, 50/50, etc.

    • Description - Description of the strain.

    • Strain Image - This allows for an optional image of the strain.

    • Cannabinoid Percentage - Enter the ranges for the listed cannabinoids. This will populate a range for associated inventory when it is added.

  3. Select "Save."

  4. The strain will now be added to your strain list in Flowhub.

How to Edit/Remove Strains

If you want to edit a strain, select the strain you wish to edit, and then select "Edit" underneath the details pane on the right. If you want to remove a strain, select the strain you wish to remove, and then select "Remove" underneath the details pane on the right.

Note: If you want to remove a strain, you will need to remove or replace the strain from all associated inventory. Once all inventory has been updated to a new strain, the current strain can be removed.

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