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Access Executive and Store Dashboards
Access Executive and Store Dashboards

This article explains the Executive and Store Dashboards within Flowhub Reports.

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The Dashboard is a new data visualization tool that provides clarity and convenience for viewing store analytics. The Dashboard uses several graphs to view a snapshot of sales, customer trends, and inventory items over time.

How to Access the Dashboards

  • You will need the Executive Dashboard and Store Dashboard permissions to access the Flowhub dashboards.

  • Check Employee Permissions for additional information about Flowhub permissions.

  • You also need to sign in at (this link will open a new window) through the Google Chrome browser to view these dashboards as this option is not available through the Cashier or Flowhub Classic desktop applications.

  • Once in "Dashboards, " choose the dashboard you want to view from the drop-down menu near the top right of the main window:

  • The default date range will show the previous 90 days when you access the dashboards. The date range can be adjusted by selecting the desired dates and clicking "Update Charts."

Please note: Voided transactions will NOT be included in the Dashboards.

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