In Flowhub, employees will remain in the system after their employment has ended. This allows you to still report on and pull information for past employees. However, once an employee leaves, they are switched to "Inactive," which makes it so they are unable to access the Flowhub system.

Employees can be inactivated in two different ways: By editing an employee's profile or by using the "Force Clock/Log-Out" feature in Flowhub.

How to Edit Employees:

  1. On the "Employees" section of Flowhub, select the employee you want to edit. In the right-hand details pane, select "Edit."

  2. In this window, the upper right-hand corner will have an "Active/Inactive" section.

  3. Switch the highlight selection to "Inactive" to remove the employees' access.

  4. Switch the highlight selection to "Active" to grant the employees access back.

How to Force Clock-Out/Log-Out:

This option is available for employees that have the " Manage Employees" permission.

  • Once this option is selected, the employee who was chosen will be clocked/logged out and switched "inactive."

  • If this option was chosen by accident, you'll need someone with the "Manage Employees" permission to switch them back to active.


If you are unable to sign into Flowhub, have a supervisor or senior employee verify that you have not been flipped to an inactive status.

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