To make a sale in Cashier, follow the steps below. Please note that to make a sale, there needs to be a customer in the Flowhub queue, and you will need an open drawer with an employee assigned to a drawer.

For a quick tutorial on how to make a sale in the Cashier app, watch this video:

How to Access a Customer's Cart

  1. Once assigned to a Flowhub drawer, click the "Cashier" tab at the top of your screen.

  2. Here you can see the customer queue, current inventory, and various details about your store's location.

  3. Select a customer from the customer queue. This will take you into the customer's "Cart," which will open to the right.

How to Add Items to a Customer's Cart

  1. Once in the cart, you can begin adding inventory items to the cart.

  2. You can do this by scanning items or searching for the item and then clicking the associated "plus sign" icon.

  3. Flowhub's cannabis counter will tell you if you are close to the purchase limit as you add items.

    • Note: Purchase limits will vary by state and customer.

  4. Continue to add products to the cart. You can do an "Inline Discount" for the customer's cart or a specific item if needed.

  5. Once done, you'll be given a total near the bottom of the cart and can choose "Collect Payment" to finish ringing up the customer.

How to Collect Payment

  1. You'll be presented with the summary for the sale to the left, with the transaction options to the right.

  2. You can choose "Close Payment" to return to the main screen.

  3. If assigned to multiple drawers, you'll be prompted to select which drawer before you can put the sale through. Click "Select a drawer" and choose the specific drawer.

  4. Enter the amount the customer is paying with. If they are making a debit purchase, make sure you also follow the steps for your debit system in addition to entering the card information here.

  5. After any necessary information has been entered, enter your Flowhub PIN, and choose "Check out."

  6. Exit labels will print, as will the receipt. You can give the customer change as needed, affix labels to the products required, and you're done!

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