Flowhub Classic: Change My PIN

This article will guide you through to updating your Flowhub Cashier Personal Identification Number (PIN).

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Your Flowhub Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique identifier that you use to process transactions for customers and patients through Flowhub. When an employee is first created in the system, an email is sent from support@flowhub.co, which will prompt them to create a password and a PIN. A PIN is required to log into the Cashier App. If you ever misplace or forget your PIN you can follow the below instructions to reset it.

How to Reset Your PIN

  1. Sign in to Flowhub at: pos.flowhub.co.

  2. Select "Employees" from the sidebar navigation on the left.

    • Flowhub classic menu options are shown. Employees is outlined in a green square.

  3. Once on the "Employees" screen, search for and select your name. If you have limited permissions, your name will be the only one listed.

  4. Once you've selected your name, the details for your profile will open on the right. Here you will see the all options for your account.

  5. Select "Change PIN."

  6. You will get a window that will allow you to enter a new PIN, confirm the PIN, and a field to enter your Flowhub Password. Fill this information out and select "Update PIN" and you are set.

  7. You can now log out of pos.flowhub.co and sign back into the Flowhub Cashier application.


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