How to Reset or Update your Password in Flowhub:

  1. Make sure that the username you're using is in the correct formatting before proceeding. The login information you use is case-sensitive. You will want to double-check the email associated with your account.

    • Note: You can have a supervisor verify your email in pos/ through the "Employees" tab.

  2. Go to the login screen. Select "Don't remember your password?"

  3. This will populate a new window asking for the email associated with your account. Enter your email into the text box and select the "Send Email" option at the bottom of the window.

    • A window is shown where you can enter your email address to rest your password.

  4. Check your email. You should have received a "Reset Your Flowhub Password"

  5. Select the "Reset Password" option in the email.

  6. Enter in a new unique password. Confirm the password. Then select the green arrow option below the password fields.

      • Note: Your password must be 8 characters long and must contain at least 3 of the following: Lowercase, uppercase, numbers, or special characters (for example:!@#$%^).

  7. Once successful you will get a message that your password was successfully changed.

  8. You can now navigate back to the Cashier application to sign in.

Note: If you don't see the email, check your spam folder. If the email was directed to your spam folder, be sure to add to your address book. If you are not able to click the link from within the email, try accessing the email from a computer rather than a phone.

If resetting your password does not allow you to access your account, reach out to 844-FLOWHUB for assistance. Resetting your password will not fix blocks or errors with your account.

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