Weedmaps: Implementation Guide

This guide is designed to help you successfully implement the API integration between Flowhub and Weedmaps.


  • Must be a current Flowhub customer
  • Must be on-boarded on Cashier app and Manage app
  • Must have up-to-date products and inventory in Flowhub Classic
  • Must have a Weedmaps account with WMID's

How it works:

Once your products are linked, Flowhub's API will integrate your available inventory into your Weedmaps menu automatically. To ensure your inventory is displayed properly on your Weedmaps menu, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get access to the Weedmaps API.

To get access to the Weedmaps API in Flowhub, please email the following information to help@flowhub.com:
  • Dispensary name
  • Dispensary address
  • Name and username of team members for which you would like to have access

Step 2: Prepare your inventory in Flowhub.

  • Ensure all inventory in product and strain catalogs have accurate titles, descriptions, and photos, if applicable,  in Flowhub.
    • Weedmaps recommends a minimum photo size of 800x800px at 72dpi and a maximum size of 1200x1200 at 72dpi. 
  • Ensure available inventory is up-to-date for each location.
  • Ensure pricing is accurate for all products and strains.
  • Ensure naming conventions are accurate and are weight /volume specific.
  • Remove any products you no longer sell.

Step 3: Schedule your integration date.

Once the above steps are complete, you will shut off your menu in Weedmaps, and then will be reactivating it from Flowhub. In order for products to display on your Weedmaps menu through Flowhub, you will need to map each of the products in your product catalog individually. Here are some best practices for mapping your products:
  • Map your products after store hours when no transactions are taking place.
  • Set aside enough time, usually a few hours to ensure all of your products are mapped correctly.
  • Map your most popular products first so that they display immediately.
  • If you have multiple locations, or multiple people managing your online menu, be sure to inform them of this downtime.
  • Please note: Once you select "Flowhub" from the Weedmaps POS integration, you will no longer be able to manage (creating, editing, or updating products) your menu via Weedmaps. You will manage your menu only in Flowhub.
Now, you're ready to begin activation of the integration. To ensure your inventory is displayed properly, follow the steps below:

Step 4: Connect Weedmaps to Flowhub.

Please note: This step will deactivate your current Weedmaps menu. 
  1. Log in to Weedmaps, navigate to your listings page and select "edit".
  2. From the edit page, scroll down to the section "Connecting your POS to Weedmaps" Under the POS menu integrations, choose "Select your POS".
  3. You will then be directed to the Point-of-Sale integration page. From here, choose "Flowhub" from the drop-down.
  4. A message will display asking you to confirm that you are ready to proceed with the setup process.

Step 5: Enter your Weedmaps Location ID's. 

  • Next, obtain your Weedmaps Location ID's (WMID). Navigate back to Flowhub, and select "retrieve Weedmaps ID's" from the Admin Integrations menu. You will then be directed to your WMID's.
  • Copy the WMID's, and place them in the corresponding location in Flowhub. Then click "Associate ID".
Weedmaps WMID Link

Step 6: Start linking products as "Verified Products" or "Custom Products".

  • In the Manage app, navigate to the gear icon, and select "Weedmaps Mapping".
  • Start mapping the products you have identified as your top-selling products.
  • You can expect to see your products published within 15 minutes of creating or linking items.
  • Weedmaps displays for two types of products: Verified Products or Custom Products.
  • Verified Products are products that are authorized by the Brand to use the brand name, preloaded Weedmaps image, and description. They are displayed in Weedmaps with the verified logo - as seen below:
Verified Product Image Example - Shows a Check on the Product Image
  • Custom products, or non-verified products, that are specific to your dispensary such as flower, merchandise or accessories, will not have the verified logo - as seen below:
Custom Product View - No Check Mark on Product Image

Next, let's review how to link and unlink verified and custom products via your Flowhub account, step by step:

How to "Link" products:

  • Select a Flowhub product on the left.
  • The Weedmaps verified product list will appear on the right.
  • If a Weedmaps verified product matches your product, select "Link".
  • If no verified product is available, or if the verified products available do not match your product, select "Create Product".
  • Once a product is linked, it will be moved to the "Linked" filter:
Linked products between Flowhub and Weedmaps

How to "Unlink" products:

  • Select a Flowhub product on the left.
  • Click "Unlink" next to the product on the right.
  • Once a product is unlinked, it will be moved to the "Unlinked" filter.
Unlinked products between Flowhub and Weedmaps