Location Management

Location Management is where you will manage areas of your dispensary that can change depending on your store's location. If you are looking to manage areas of your store that will be consistent across locations, such as: Products, Suppliers, Loyalty, and Customer Groups/Sources, check out the Company Management article.

Access Location Management

  1. Sign into Flowhub, then select the small up arrow ^ next to your name in the lower left hand navigation menu:
Menu options
  1. This will open up more menu options. Select "Manage" and then "Company Management" when it appears:
Company and location management options
  1. After selecting "Location Management" within Flowhub, you will be directed to the Rooms page. This is the first option in "Location Management."

Location Management Options

The drop-down menu offers the following options: 
  • Rooms is where you will set up the rooms that you'll assign your inventory to. See the Create and Manage Rooms article for more.
  • Strains is where all the strains for your bulk flower and pre-packaged flower inventory live. See the Strains article for more.
  • Price Profiles is where you set bulk flower and pre-packaged flower prices. See the Strains article for more.
  • Taxes & Fees is where you set any associated taxes or post-tax fees. See the Add Taxes and Fees and Set Up Cumulative Taxes articles for more.
  • Settings allows you to set specific settings for printing labels, sales, and your inventory. See the Location Management: Settings article for more.
Note: If you are not on the rooms page when you first select Location Management, you may need to check your employee permissions. Take a look at the article Manage Employee Permissions for more information.