Cashier: Add an Inline Discount

Inline discounts are how you add a discount to a customer's purchase at the time of purchase. There are two ways to do this within Cashier: Cart Discounts and Product Level Discounts. 

How to Add a Cart Discount

For a quick tutorial on adding inline discounts, watch this video:

  1. In the customer cart, you will see the option "Add Discount to Cart." 
  2. Select this option and you will open the "Add Discount to Cart" window. 
  3. There are two options: "Reduce Price By $" or "Reduce Price By %."
  4. Choose the option for the discount you want to apply, enter the value, and then select "Apply." 
  • "Reduce Price By $" will allow you to enter in a dollar amount to apply across all items in the cart.
  • "Reduce Price By %" will allow you to enter a percentage to apply across all items in the cart.
Add Discount

How to Remove a Cart Discount

If an inline discount is added accidentally, just click the "Disable" option listed next to the applied discount. 

Disable button is outline in red.


How to Add a Product-Level Discount

To add a discount to a single item in a customer's cart, you will want to click the ellipsis/three-dot menu next to the listed item in the cart. This will give you the "Cart Item Options Menu."
Select "Add Discount." The add discount button is shown fro the three dot menu to the right of an item in the cart.

This will open the "Add Discount" window: 

Add discount window showing the dollar off and percent off options

You can reduce a product's price with a cash amount or by percentage.
Select the discount type of your choice and enter the value needed:

Discount of 50% entered for the item in the cart.

Apply the discount and you will be directed back to the cart where you can see the discount has been applied:

50% Discount applied to item in the cart.