Add Taxes and Fees

Flowhub allows you to set various tax rates for your store. Taxes are accessed within "Location Management" and can be configured in many different ways to best suit your local tax laws.  It is highly recommended that you work with a tax official who is familiar with your local tax laws to set your tax rates.  

How to Access Taxes and Fees 

  1. In the bottom left hand navigation menu, select the ^ next to your name.
  2. Select "Manage" from the options shown.
  3. From the drop-down at the top, select "Manage: Taxes & Fees."
  4. Here you can view your current tax rates.
Note: If your location is using "Cumulative Taxes," check out the Set Up Cumulative Taxes article for more information on enabling those taxes. 

How to Add a Tax Rate

For a quick tutorial on adding taxes and fees, watch this video:

  1. Once in "Manage: Taxes & Fees," click the "+" button in the upper right.
  2. This will open the "Taxes & Fees" window.  
  3. Please note: The options in this window may be different than what is available to you. If you have any questions, contact your Flowhub Administrator about any adjustments needed.

Add New Tax or Fee Window

  1. Make sure the "Type of Charge" is set to "Tax." For information "Post-Tax Fees," see that article.
  2. Enter the "Name", "Percentage", and choose from the drop-down what the tax rate will apply to. 

Tax rate - inventory menu options

  1. Once the name, percentage, and "applies to" has been entered/selected, "save" the tax rate. 
  2. By default, taxes will apply after any discounts, and will apply to all customers.

Other Options

  • "Exclude Customer Group:" This option allows you to create a customer group that can be exempt from taxes. For more information, see the Tax Exempt Users article.
  • "Calculate Before Discounts:" This option makes it so all taxes collected for this rate will be calculated at the non-discounted rate. This means if a person buys a product that normally sells for $100 dollars, and it is on discount for $25 they will still be charged the full taxes for the $100 amount. 

Additional Notes

  • Taxes impact post-tax prices within price profiles and inventory.
  • All tax rates will only apply to the specific product listed. Make sure all products have an associated tax rate. 
  • The breakdown of tax names and percents appear on the "Sales Tax PDF" available in Flowhub Reports.