Add Inventory: CSV Uploads

You can add inventory to Flowhub quickly by using a CSV file upload. Below is a short video outlining how to follow the CSV upload process. 


For a full overview of Flowhub Inventory, please take a look at the article: Adding Inventory: General Overview.

Add Inventory via CSV

  1. Once in "Inventory," click the "Upload CSV" button in the upper right.
User-added image
  1. In the right field, choose the category type you will be working on.
    • There are 8 total templates you can download: Accessory, Clone, Concentrate, Edible, Flower - Bulk, Flower - Prepackaged, Non-Edible, or Seed.
  2. Click "Get Template," and the file will download to your computer. 
  3. Fill out the template with your inventory for this category, following the guidelines in the template.
  4. Save as CSV file. 
  5. Go back to the "Upload CSV" button on the inventory page.
  6. Choose the file you want to upload from the left field. 
  7. Select the category type in the right field.
  8. Click "Upload."
  9. Repeat for all categories.

Note: If you already have a location set up in Flowhub, and you are now entering inventory for an additional location, you can download the inventory from your current location to save time. Your product names, suppliers, license numbers, etc. (any details that do not change with location), will be filled in for you. You will simply need to update the Quantity, Room, etc. that may change for the new location.