Add/Edit Suppliers

In Flowhub, a supplier is any entity that provides inventory to a dispensary. You can access your suppliers by going through "Company Management." 

About Suppliers

  • If the supplier provides cannabis-infused inventory, they must have a license number.
  • States typically require that a supplier has either a Recreational or Medical license.  
  • All suppliers must be entered into the system, including non-cannabis suppliers.
  • If a supplier has not yet been added to Flowhub, you will not be able to select them when adding Inventory. 
  • You cannot remove a supplier that has associated inventory in Flowhub.

How to Add/Edit a Supplier

For a quick tutorial on how to add a supplier, watch this video:

  1. Select "Manage" and then "Company Management" from the bottom left hand navigation menu.
  2. Select "Suppliers" from the "Manage:" drop-down menu near the top of the main page. 
  3. Select the "+" button in upper right corner. This will open the "Add Supplier" page.

Add supplier image

  1. Fill in the name and (if needed) DBA of your supplier.  
  2. To add a license number, first select which type of license (Rec, Med, Both). You will then enter the license number in the text field.
  3. Once done, select the "+" sign. Added license will display below the license box:

License Box

  1. Upload and name files to each supplier (if needed).  
  2. Once all information has been added, select "Add Supplier" and your supplier will be added. 
  3. If you need to edit a supplier, simply select the supplier and choose "Edit" under the details pane on the right. 
Note: If you chose to add nutrients to the supplier, they will print on inventory-specific labels if required by the state.