Add/Edit Customer Sources

In Flowhub, customers can be categorized by how they found your store. A Customer Source is any avenue in which your customers can hear of/discover your dispensary, such as Facebook, Newspaper Ad, etc. You can access your customer sources by going through "Company Management."

How to Add a Customer Source

  1. Sign into Flowhub, then select the small up arrow ^ next to your name in the lower left hand navigation menu.
  2. This will open up more menu options. Select "Manage" and then "Company Management" when it appears.
  3. Select "Customer Sources" from the "Manage:" drop-down menu near the top of the main page.
  4. Select the "+" from the upper right corner.
  5. Enter the name of your Customer Source in the "Name" field and then select "Create." 
  6. Your employees will now see the new customer source option when checking people in.

How to Edit/Remove a Customer Source

  1. Once on the "Customer Source" page, search and select the customer source you want to edit/remove.
  2. Once selected, you'll see the options to "Edit" and "Remove." 
  3. Choose "Edit" to change the name of the customer source.
  4. Choose "Remove" to completely remove the customer source.